“Suiji Yingbian” Podcast: Autism and ABA

 Dr. Chen Xiaohan (陈霄含), BCBA-D hosts a podcast in Chinese called Suiji Yingbian (“随机应变”) which she describes as meaning, in the context of ABA, “Follow the MO (Motivating operation) and Act”! The purpose of her podcast is to create a platform where people in the autism field share their knowledge about intervention and support for the autism community. She invites one person to each episode, and they have a conversation on a topic both are interested in. Recently, she invited FIVE’s Dr. Helen McCabe, BCBA to talk about the background of ABA in China, effective teaching methods, and how to make group instruction more effective.

To hear Helen McCabe’s interview on “Suiji Yingbian” podcast, go to Ximalaya or Apple podcast.

All other “Suiji Yingbian” episodes are also on Ximalaya and on Apple podcast.