The Five Project for International Autism and Disability Support, Inc. (FIVE) is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to collaboratively improving services and quality of life for individuals with autism and other disabilities, with a focus of our work being in China.

FIVE’s mission

  • to strengthen the capacity of organizations serving individuals with autism and other disabilities in China to provide effective intervention services
  • to promote and support self-help and self-advocacy skills in Chinese individuals with disabilities and their families

FIVE’s vision            

Individuals with special needs have access to appropriate services and opportunities

Why “The Five Project”? The meaning behind our name, mysterious when looked at on the surface, is linked to our history. Because our co-founder’s first link to autism and to China many years ago began when she met one young girl with autism, our dedication to this work was inspired by her. One of this young woman’s favorite things is the number 5. As a way of both honoring her (now a young woman with autism and a close friend of us all at FIVE), and honoring the unique interests of people with autism, we chose this name. The Five Project means respect and appreciation for the uniqueness of every person, including those on the autism spectrum, those with a developmental disability and people of all unique abilities and needs.