3 teachers leading ABA training

Online training: FIVE collaborates with Changchun Integrative Chinese-Western Medicine Hospital Rehabilitation Division

FIVE volunteer, Dr. Chen Xiaohan (BCBA-D) provided an online training for 175 parents and teachers from Changchun, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, and other cities around China. The training was organized by the Changchun Chinese-Western Medicine Joint Hospital Rehabilitation Division in collaboration with The Five Project. Dr. Chen’s training, Mand Training: Effective Strategies to Teach Requesting, was … Read more

Hailun Suiji yingbian podcast July 2022

“Suiji Yingbian” Podcast: Autism and ABA

 Dr. Chen Xiaohan (陈霄含), BCBA-D hosts a podcast in Chinese called Suiji Yingbian (“随机应变”) which she describes as meaning, in the context of ABA, “Follow the MO (Motivating operation) and Act”! The purpose of her podcast is to create a platform where people in the autism field share their knowledge about intervention and support for … Read more

McCabe Barnes Jiang article

FIVE leaders publish recommendations for autism intervention in China

Helen McCabe, Eric Barnes and Tian (Jessie) Jiang recently published an article, “Ethical Issues in ABA-based Service Provision for Autism in Limited-Resource Contexts: A Case Example of the People’s Republic of China”, in the journal, Behavior Analysis in Practice. The article is a result of our years of work collaborating with parents and teachers at … Read more

Online Training Courses Held

In August and September 2021, FIVE held a series of synchronous online short courses geared towards teachers of different backgrounds and levels from around China. We began with a three-week pilot with 18 program directors and head teachers. Throughout the pilot, we had ongoing discussions regarding the needs of teachers at their 12 organizations in … Read more

FIVE website screenshot

New website launched!

The FIVE website has been redesigned and improved!! This has been a collaborative effort between FIVE, an excellent web design company and some of our wonderful volunteers. The work for this revamping of the website has been supported by many volunteers who assisted with translation and support, including Chi Zhaoyang, Feng Bin, Feng Cheng, Guan … Read more

FIVE logo

FIVE Focus Group Held to Discuss Upcoming Online Training Courses

Since January 2020, The Five Project has moved its training to an online format, conducting training for parents and teachers of individuals with autism about topics including communication, behavior, and lifeskills. In June 2021, we held a focus group with representatives of 10 organizations that we have collaborated with to share and discuss a new … Read more